Mi Band 3 Pros and Cons – Don’t Buy This

If you are looking for a budget segment fitness band and going to buy Mi Band 3, then you should read this article first. Here i am going to clear all the pros and cons of this fitness band Mi Band 3. I will also suggest you which fitness band you should go with, just read the article carefully. I am going to tell you everything on the bases of my 4 months experience with this device.

Mi Band 3

How Mi Band 3 Works

If you don’t know the real work of this fitness band then let me explain you this firstly. Mi Band 3 is a fitness band and it helps you in fitness of your own body. It helps you in various fitness things like – it measures your steps, your heartbeats, your calories burn, etc. With the help of this fitness band you can improve your health without any extra equipments.

It has lots of features which will help you in your daily life routine. You can also get all the messages of your smartphone in your fitness band. This is very interesting and popular fitness band in market. You just need to charge your fitness band and then you can use the device on long basis. But does it really works ??

Mi Band 3

Fitness Band Really Works ??

The answer of this question is yes but no. Yes it has a very complicated answer because fitness band will only helps you in improving your fitness. You have to do exercise and you have to complete your daily tasks. Fitness band will also show your daily tasks like- how much you have walked, your calories burn, etc. If you want to be fit then you need to do exercise.

Fitness band is not important but your willing power is important. If you want to be fit then you don’t need any fitness band, only your willing power is needed for this. If you want then you can buy fitness band but don’t buy it before reading it’s pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Mi Band 3

Everything has some pros and cons of itself because nothing is perfect in the world. You just need to read all it’s pros and cons so that you can decide easily, whether you want this Mi Band or not. So, lets start without wasting any time.

Mi Band 3


  1. Perfect Sleep Monitoring – This is a perfect sleep monitoring device. I have used this device for 4 months and i am totally impressed with it’s sleep monitoring feature. It will also tell you your deep sleep, light sleep etc. You can definitely buy this device for sleep monitoring.
  2. App Feature – This band also has mi app feature. You can connect the band with app and then you will get all the notifications of your smartphone on your band. You can also check your daily activity on that application which is available on play store.
  3. 20 Days battery – It has a 20 days battery life which is really good. It will take only 2 hours for full charge and then you can use this band for 20 days with one time charging. This is also an interesting feature of Mi Band 3.


  1. Battery Life – Yes this is also a very big cons of this fitness band. On the box it is mentioned that the band has 20 days battery life but it is not true. If you connect your band with your smartphone then it will only give you the back-up of 7-9 days.
  2. Steps Count – The main function of this band is the cons of this band. This band doesn’t provides you the accurate steps count and sometimes it doesn’t count your steps. Still if you want to buy this band then you can buy it.
  3. No Blood Pressure Measurement – There is no feature by which you can measure your blood pressure. All the competitor of Mi Band 3 provides you the feature of blood pressure in it. This is one of the most important part of fitness.
  4. No Accuracy in Exercise Mode – This app don’t have the accuracy in the exercise mode and it is very important in every fitness band. If you turn on the trademill mode and if you leave your band on your bed then it will show you your calories burn which is totally impossible.

Mi Band 3 is unable to provide it’s main important features with accuracy. This band is totally waste of money, you will not be able to fit yourself with the help of this band. I will recommend the copy of mi band but not this because it also works like its fake copies which is easily available in market @ Rs. 400-500 in Indian currency on Amazon.

Mi Band 3

Which Fitness Band We Should Buy

There are lots of true competitors Mi Band 3 is available in market. You can go with Honor Band 4 or you can also go with Mi Band 4 which is recently launched in India. Mi Band 4 is far better than Mi Band 3 and definitely you can buy that from Amazon.

How to Buy the Fitness Band

You can buy these fitness band from Amazon. All the bands are available on Amazon but if you want to buy then directly click on the given names.

  1. Mi Band 3.
  2. M3 Band.
  3. Mi Band 4.
  4. Honor Band 4.

At the end it will only suggest you to not to buy Mi Band 3 but it’s your choice you can buy any fitness band. You can buy all the bands from above given links. You will get to know prices of all the bands from given links. Price will fluctuate day by day so you can checkout all of these band and can buy which will suit you.

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