OnePlus TV

Last year, we have heard that OnePlus is going to launch its smart TV. Here OnePlus has confirmed that they are going to launch OnePlus TV in September. Its price and specifications are still hidden but according to some leaks, I am going to give you the detailed information. If you are interested in OnePlus TV then definitely read this article fully.

OnePlus TV Official Information

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus has officially confirmed that we will see smart TV by OnePlus by September month. OnePlus smart-TV will have a simple design with aluminium stand at bottom and logo of OnePlus. This will be a smart TV and it will be normal like other TVs. This TV will have thin bezels which will give the premium quality design/look.

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OnePlus TV

OnePlus TV Leaks, Price, Launch Date, Specifications

OnePlus Specifications

We had already talked about its confirmation now let’s talk about some leaks and rumours. According to rumours, the device will have the support of Bluetooth 5.0. This TV will launch in 4 variants – 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch. This TV will launch in India first then in China and USA. Only 43-inch, 55-inch TV will be launch for India and rest for the other countries.

This TV will have the support of 4kHDR. All Streaming apps will be preloaded in OnePlus tv. This will be a normal smart TV with some TV modifications. We can see Android Stock in this TV as all pre-installed apps will be provided by Google. Users can connect their smart gadgets like smart speakers, smartphone, etc directly with this TV.

OnePlus TV

Here it is already confirmed that all the TVs will have 4K resolution in it. It is expected that 43-inch TV will have LED display and the rest of the TVs will have QLED display. OnePlus TV will directly compete with Samsung, LG, Sony etc. We all know OnePlus for flagship killer.

OnePlus Price

Price of these TVs are not confirmed yet but I can tell you according to my assumptions. The 43-inch TV will have the price between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 – Rs. 35,000 is best for this TV. The 55-inch TV will have the price between Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 50,000. If these TVs will come in this price range then it can be a killer device.

OnePlus Launch Date

OnePlus TV is going to launch in September month but the exact date is not confirmed yet. According to leaks, this device will launch on 26 September. You can also see a notify button on Amazon from now. This device will be available on Amazon after its official launch.

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Should we Buy it or Not??

OnePlus TV

Right now, no one can tell you that you should buy this TV or not. We don’t know its exact price, specifications or anything. After its official launch in India, we can say whether it is a killer TV or not. But OnePlus provides us with better quality at a cheap price. We should wait for its official launch in India only then we can say anything. OnePlus TV will directly compete with Xiaomi TV as a flagship killer.

Final Conclusion

We need to wait for its official launch in India. According to its performance, we can tell anything about this TV. I hope you got all the information regarding this topic. If you like the article then please share it with your friends too. Make sure you press the bell icon so that you can get all latest updates by Chaudhary Tips.


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